Special Prizes & Awards

May 12, 2015

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Not just another dance event, but a first class experience as well!!! This year again we are giving back 50% of our profit margin from the previous events increase. In Orlando, New Orleans & Fort Lauderdale everyone was so happy to get all that cash back to them!! So come and get your share!! All new studios that come and dance at our events for the first time with 5 or more "B" packages, gets a $1000 back per event. That is $4000 dollars waiting for you!! Three "B" packages gets $500 per event. Come give us a look at www.triplecrowndance.com

A Triple Crown DanceSport Championship: The TRIPLE CROWN is the only choice if you desire LUXURY. the LARGEST PURSES (a half a MILLION dollars offered in cash prizes, scholarships, FREE MONEY drawings, Top Notch Teacher Cash Vouchers, awards, and merchandise.), and EXCELLENT ORGANIZATION.

  • Special Prizes & Awards