Rules and Policies


All guidelines and forms herein are necessary to attend Florida State DanceSport Championship.

Please see Registration -> Forms -> Download…Section to download complete copy of this document.

Dance Styles and Levels


Dance Styles – American Smooth – American Rhythm – International Ballroom – International Latin

Dance Levels

  • Primary – Bronze – Silver – Gold – Above Gold
  • Secondary (breakdown) – Newcomer (Bronze only) – Beginner – Preliminary – Intermediate – Full – Advanced – Open – One-Dances

Please note that we are now offering entries in the Proficiency category. In this category you will compete against a point system instead of other competitors. All levels can be entered as proficiency except multi-dance & scholarships. Please just check proficiency box on the entry form. The points from proficiency categories will count as half of the value toward Top Awards including Top Teacher and Top Studio.

"Rising Star" Complete Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Above Gold Division offered now in all age categories. Fill out on it’s own special entry form. You can enter in two age levels.