Rules and Policies


All guidelines and forms herein are necessary to attend Florida State DanceSport Championship.

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Triple Crown Challenge Guidelines


Triple Crown Dance Events

1. Participants are provided the opportunity to satisfy their avenue of dancing,
whether it be the quality and/or quantity of dances. Quality is satisfied by
entering events such as the Triple Crown Scholarship Challenges and
quantity is satisfied by an automatic participation in an accumulated point

2. Participants automatically accumulate points when they attend a Triple
Crown DanceSport Event™ on a minimum ‘B’ package and purchase ten
dance entries in the style in which they wish to compete (American or
International). At the culmination of the Triple Crown year, The Florida
State DanceSport Championships, participants who earn the most points
per advertised categories are honored as Triple Crown Champions!

3. Participants,are required to attend and dance in a minimum of two (One
being the Florida State ) Triple Crown DanceSport Events™.  The upcoming Triple Crown Events are listed on the web site .Participants, are required to dance in the
same ages & levels of all Challenges from the start of the Triple Crown
Year, including at the Florida State to receive jackets, awards & scholarships,

4. Rising Star & Open Professional couples must also attend and dance in a
minimum of two Triple Crown DanceSport Events™ per series year.
Crown Award Ceremony to receive jackets, awards & scholarships, etc.

5. The Rising Star Triple Crown Challenges are available to students at the
Bronze & Silver level.

The Open Triple Crown Challenges are reserved
for those students who have achieved Gold level and greater.

6. Participants may enter the Rising Star and the Open Triple Crown
Challenges per Rhythm, Smooth, Ballroom and Latin if dancing in multiple levels.

7. Participants may use multi-dance events to satisfy the ten dance scholarship
requirement per style at each Triple Crown DanceSport Events™

8. Participants shall be awarded one point per Challenge entered. Except in
the Triple Crown Multi-Dance Scholarship Challenges where one point
per dance will be awarded. Upon placing: three points for first, two points
for second, and one point for third will be added.

9. Participants shall receive one half of the advertised scholarship amount in
any Triple Crown Challenge which contains two or less competing couples
by the advertised deadline.