Rules and Policies


All guidelines and forms herein are necessary to attend Florida State DanceSport Championship.

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Dance Events

Pro / Am and Amateur Dance Events

Freestyles – Closed Freestyles – Advanced Freestyles – Open Freestyles

Championships – Multi-Dance Championships – Open Theatre Arts Championships

Solo Routines – Exhibitions – Theatre Arts – Showcases – Formations – Solo Grand Challenge

DanceSport Series Events

Triple Crown Challenges

Senior State Games Events

Fordney Foundation

Professional Senior State Games Events

Professional Dance Events

Rising Star Championships – (Multi-Dance, Theatre Arts)

The All American Sammy Award
Pierre Allaire & Mirelle Vielleux International World Challenge
Rufus Dustin’s Challenge of the Continents

Mary Gill Showdance Award

Open Championships – Multi-Dance, Theatre ArtsĀ 

Open Grand Championship

Rufus Dustin’s Theatre Arts Challenge of the Continents

  • Top three pro couples winning in the Open Theatre Arts Championships at the Florida State will be the competitors in the Challenge of the Continents. A unique, personal music and costume selection is permitted and encouraged.