Rules and Policies


All guidelines and forms herein are necessary to attend Florida State DanceSport Championship.

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Students qualify for scholarships when they attend the convention on a minimum of a ‘B’ package and purchase ten dance entries in the style in which they wish to be considered.

Top Teacher

Teachers may qualify for purses in two ways:

1. Purchase a specific minimum of dance entries (see below).

2. Attend the convention on a minimum of a ‘B’ package or have three or more students attend on a minimum ‘B’ packages.

Florida State Championship
275 entries qualifies for 1st
250 entries qualifies for 2nd
225 entries qualifies for 3rd
200 entries qualifies for 4th
175 entries qualifies for 5th
150 entries qualifies for 6th

* Attention: Dance of ART Inc. reserves the right to cancel any event or pay scholarships, cash purses, etc. at half the advertised amount if, by the deadline date, two or less couples are scheduled to compete.